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What is So Special about the Day Tour Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, which is a beautiful place to visit. There are numerous tourist attractions in this part of the country. Hence, it is not possible to discover the serene areas of this place in just one day. However, Day tour Perth manages to cover specific areas of the tourist areas.

What you need to do is consider the central part of the Perth as your base camp and start your journey from here. In this way, you can get to some of the popular attractions without wasting any time. Walking through the streets is also a thing most tourist love to do. Nevertheless, you must take public transports for a distance, more than 1 km.

In order to get accurate information and useful maps, the tourist information office situated at Forrest Place is the best place. So, get your map and start your Day Tour Perth. You can start with famous Perth Cultural Center. This destination is accessible through the overpass, which ends at the railway station.

It is estimated that more than 16,000 paintings, media works, sculptures, and photographs are present in the Art Gallery of Western Australia. In addition, indigenous art is one of the highlights of this art gallery.

You can skip one or two places like Alexander Library. In case you love to read books, it is the best place to hang out with books. W.A museum is an interesting place, as it gives an insight into the history.

The next stop of Day Tour Perth is Perth Mint Old Fire Station and St. Mary's Cathedral. These places offer memorable demonstration and exhibition about how coins or gold bars are made. The Swan Bell Tower is also a nice place to visit. You easily reach at this place through the pedestrian path situated at the northern banks of the river. It is home to 18 bells, that is the world’s largest chain ringing instrument.

The last destination of your Day Tour Perth will be Kings Park. It is quite easy to get there through Mount Street. Besides these places, you can also choose other places that inspire you a lot. For instance, most foodies would love the visit places with exotic cuisines and serene environment.

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