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Perth Attractions - Pinnacles Tour

One of the most iconic Perth attractions is the Pinnacles. Tucked away in the sand dunes are thousands of limestone formations. Nambung National Park is set on 190 hectares and contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles, some up to 5 meters high.

The small Pinnacle desert located on the Turquoise Coast is one of Perth’s attractions. Located 245 kms north of Perth the Nambung National Park is an easy day trip to do a pinnacle tour.

The Dutch sailors sighted the area and they mistook the Pinnacles as ancient ruins in 1700. Little did they know that there were limestone pillars formed by nature.

Walk or drive the 4 kilometre loop and have a Pinnacle tour. The track is unsealed and lined by small rocks on either side. It is possible to get up close to the pinnacles or you can admire them from the lookout. It is a great view and you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. When in fact you are only 6 kilometres from the ocean.

Call into the Discovery Centre to learn more about the Pinnacles with their displays. You can also learn about the wildlife at Nambung National Park.

The Pinnacles is a must see place if you are looking for things to do in Perth. Drive yourself or book a Pinnacle tour to this unique attraction.

Day Tour Perth can help you explore Perth attractions including a Pinnacle Tour. There are several tours available to suit your time and budget. We offer small personalised tours that gives you a taste of the Australian bush, wildlife and natural wonders. There is something for everyone.

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