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Authentic Australian Experience - Perth Itinerary


1200hr DELUXE CHAUFFERED CAR PICK UP: Set beside the Swan river you can enjoy the sights of Perth including the view to Kings Park. We will drive through Perth city on the way to Swan Valley, passing many Perth attractions. 

FRUIT ORCHARD: We travel from the Swan Valley Wine region passing some magnificant properties full of vineyards to the Chittering Valley, where we will stop in the hills of Perth and visit a Fruit shop where you can see the fruit trees & Taste some of the fruit in season & home made juice.


BOSHACK OUTBACK FARMSTAY: Is a remote Outback Farm only 90 minutes from Perth city (CBD), our experienced guides will take you off-road into the outback. The countryside of crops/sheep/cows will prepare you on entry into Boshack. You will be greeted by our local Guide for an introduction into our place. Boshack Farm has been one of the best things to do in Perth for over 10 years.


AFTERNOON TEA OF BILLY TEA & DAMPER: Overlooking our tranquil springfed freshwater lake, we will serve our Aussie authentic afternoon tea. Watch them swing the billy as they prepare your tea, damper being our local bread.

TRAILER RIDE: All aboard the Boshack Express Trailer, our unique mode of transport around the farm, feeling like you are on top of the world with that fresh air blowing in the face, far away from the busy city life.


FEED THE FARM ANIMALS: The farm animals will come to you for feeding.


DREAMTIME STORY IN THE BUSH, PLAY DIDGERIDOO & WITCHETTY GRUB: Will take you back in the time of the aboriginal & early settles and how they used to live in on the land & how important nature was for their survival. Enjoy a dreamtime story and try playing their musical instrument & taste their special grub.


MARRON (Crayfish netting) Try your hand at net fishing to catch our freshwater crayfish (marron) a delicacy now throughout the world.


WATER DIVINING: - We will show you how the early settlers found water in the bush, do you have the force, this energy is in all of us, when one with nature.


BOOMERANG THROWING: This is an aboriginal hunting tool, lets have some fun in the fields throwing them, the kids will so enjoy running around the country side.

LAKE CANOEING & KIDS NET FISHING: if you wish to canoe on our shallow freshwater lake. The kids may also try their hand at net fishing, wading through the shallow water and see what sea creatures they find.

CAMPFIRE: (Seasonal) Sit around a campfire for a special way to spend your last few moments at Boshack.

DINNER AUSTRALIAN STYLE: Can be purchased. Aussie Barbecue, Bushmans burger OR a Sausage Sizzle. (Menu available on Coach)

STAR GAZING: Prior departing Boshack the coach will stop at a vantage location for visitors to view the clear skies for many stars. 95% of the times our skies are cloud free to see the stars.

If staying overnight you can purchase some stargazing time with our astronomer and his knowledge.


Deluxe chauffeured car Tour

Tour Days: Thur, Fri & Sat
Depart 1200hr  Rtn2100hr
Min 3 People,
Pick up Perth CBD free

One of our unique Perth Attractions. If you are looking for things to do in Perth Trip Advisor will give you an over view of Boshack Outback Farm.
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