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Executive Tours

Our Executive tours are personalized to suit the special family day or executive, allowing you to feel, touch and taste the real Australia. It includes-

  • Star gazing

  • Dreamtime

  • Witchetty Grub tasting

  • Fresh air bush walk

  • Yabbie netting

  • Boomeranging

  • Animal Feed

  • Aussie BBQ


Apart from this, At Day Tour Perth, we also offer you hotel pickup. We are sure you’ll be amazed to enjoy Wildlife Park, Animals feed, trailer ride, canoeing and much more. Whether you’re a wine enthusiastic or a chocolate lover, we have so many things for you that surely amaze you. We can customzie your tours from Perth and can also extend it to multiple days if needed. From your Perth Airport transfers to accommodation, we can help you to get the one you’re looking for. Our friendly knowledgeable and friendly Perth-local tour guides will help you on a commentated tour in luxury cars.

Our main aim is to provide you the best tours that help our executives help to enjoy the fullest. If you get a kick out of the chance to visit wineries, distilleries, and a chocolate plant, then this visit is for you! You will be driven around Perth's popular Swan Valley area to test some of our reality class wines and lager. As you are not the driver you can appreciate tasting without worrying about how you will get back securely to your lodging. Not being on a transport visit implies we remain the length of you need to where you need to! As a unique treat, we will visit a chocolate manufacturing plant and appreciate an awesome hot chocolate or frosted chocolate, depending upon the climate.

If you have an inclination for specific wines, you let us know at the season of booking and we will redo the wineries we visit to suit your taste. That is the distinction when you are the main ones all alone individual day visit with our sole reason for existing being to make you happy!

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