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About A Day Tour Perth

A Day Tour Perth offers a wide range of Boshack Outback tours that takes you to mesmerising world allowing you to stay on the farm. The quiet and isolated Boshack property is a family-owned enterprise surrounded with an Outback Oasis. The main aim of A Day Tour Perth is to make your touring exciting as well as adventurous. Here you can do a bush walk on the chance of a wild kangaroos, enjoy a walk and other activities. The property is approximately 90 minutes North-East of Perth and covers 350 acres. There are many things and places to enjoy such as virgin bushland, wildlife, pristine virgin bushland, and natural springs.

If you’re looking to enjoy special flora and fauna of the Australian wilderness and bush in its real form, then you should get in touch with us as we’ll help you to make the most of your tour and in the right months. Our location is completely solar powered without any sort of mains power.

Our whole garden area is solar powered that enables us to provide water drippers in all seasons. The on-site facility of A Day Tour Perth is completely eco-friendly and to preserve the harmony of the local habitat. We offer you a chance to explore all the best places that make your Perth tour memorable. From aboriginal dreaming stories, Aussie BBQ, Billy tea, freshwater crayfish and paperbark forest walk to bushwalk, jam with bush tucker tasting scones, you can enjoy a many of activities at A Day Tour Perth. Boshack Outback has precisely preserved the actual Australia of pioneering times and this is completely pristine and unique.

We provide you with a prospect to enjoy the magical place where admiration and emotions of wonderment through the special places start. Our Boshack Outback comfortable farm stay allows you stay comfortably with your family and friends. Explore our website and check out the best options available for you.

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